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Tribe of Leopards -  Welcome to the next adventure of the ancient lands. Now Available.  experience the new fantasy!

They blame him for his best friend's death, he changes into a leopard in front of everyone, and subsequently he is driven from his home village of Makazi.  All this is just a hint of how Tau's sixteenth birthday changes his life forever.

Visions sent to Tau by the Keepers force him to journey far across the magical world of Madunia to discover his true origins.  On his journey, he will encounter the music wielders whose powerful magic is expressed through their music, an entire civilization of people under the ocean, and the evil Brood who threaten the well being of everyone he has come to care for.

Though Tau finds the world of Madunia more magnificent and wondrous than anything he has heard about in stories, he would much rather live a normal life at home. 

When all he wants to do is to go back to Makazi, Tau has to choose whether or not to follow his destiny to be the savior of his true people, The Tribe of Leopards.

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