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Free author visits


Jason McCammon regularly gives free question and answer sessions to schools and youth groups within the Chicago area to discuss his book.  Students and faculty are free to ask the author any questions that they like regarding the book or Mr. McCammon's writing and publishing methods.
    We ask the school or organization have a group of 9 or more students that have already  read the book, The Ancient Lands: Warrior Quest, " before Mr. McCammon's visit.  This process is designed to help gain and keep children's interest in reading and is a great opportunity for them to have the unique experience of speaking to an author whose book they have read.  This has proven time and time again to be a wonderful experience for all of those involved. This meeting must be arranged and supervised by an adult.
There are three ways to obtain copies of the book, " The Ancient Lands," Warrior Quest for your children as well a totally free method.

1. Books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes &  Noble, and many other large and small stores.

 2.   Books can be purchased directly from the author and Brown-Eyed Dreams LLC.  at $10 per copy.

 3. FREE -  For schools whose budgets cannot meet the price of the books, we have a book lending program where  as we will lend your organization or school up to 20 copies of the book for one month completely free of   charge.  The books will then be collected by Jason McCammon upon his author visit.  Please keep in mind that  because we only have so many copies to lend and there are hundreds of schools, we recommend reserving your copies as early as possible.

Please contact us at Brown-Eyed Dreams LLC. to arrange your free author visit. 773-791-2483
  We recommend ages 11 and up.
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